Sunday, March 29, 2015

Barbie Birthday Bash 2015

March 9 was the official birthday of our favorite doll, Barbie and this year Community Dolls held the first of what we hope will be many Barbie Birthday Bashes.
The bash was held at the Sugar & Spice Club in Pascha Beach Falls, which is the home of the Community Dolls. My memory says this cute cheerleader doll was Myleen Bonham. I'm there behind her in pink and black.
Attendance was in excess of 30 people at one point. I think the bash was a big success, thank you all for coming.
Always good friends of the dolls.. Miss Silverrain Sucette of Sucette Labs at Coghaven exhibited and joined us for the dance with her dolls and tittybots.
Our DJ was the incomparable Miss Sindrey Trellis aka Lady Sin. In the spirit of the event she dresses as a very cute BJD (Ball-joint Doll). She played for us some great bubblegum pop and went back to Barbie's "decade" the 80s
We held a contest for the "Best Barbie Lookalike"
L$1000 were up for grabs. The contest board went to 4 pages, there were so many entrants.
In first place was WinterRose Ellison in a short pink dress, golden hair and gigantic eyes!
Second place went to Trixie Hobble,  dressed adorably as a rag doll. So Cute!
Third place went to Kendra Chemistry, for her platinum hair and high-waisted pink booty shorts. Here she is dancing in front of wind-up doll Samantha. Who remembers what Kendra's tee-shirt said? I forget.
Our last pictures highlight fetish fashionista, DiaperedPet Jewell. She is adorably dressed in all pink. the top hat was perfect! 
We had so many cute & sexy dolls.. All the blonde hair, the smell of peroxide still lingers in the club. Again, thanks to all who contgributed and attended. I cant wait til next year.