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Doll Discussion Group #3: "Dolly Survival Guide"

 Friday, March 28 - Community Dolls hosted it's third group discussion on Doll Play. Its subject "Dolly Survival Guide"
We had a GREAT turnout with about a dozen participants and may actively contributing. The most rewarding thing for me was when two different girls afterwards related to me that the discussion gave them the reassurance to become dolls full time. YAAAAAAY!!!!

As usual, transcript is below..

[16:05]  Andromeda: So my chosen topic for tonight is "Dolly Survival Guide"
[16:06]  Andromeda: What do I mean by this? Obviously the dolls don't need to fend off ferocious predators and scrounge for food.
[16:07]  Andromeda: ..perhaps the occasional griefer..
[16:07]  Andromeda: Anyway.. how do dolls interact with the other people they meet?
[16:07]  Andromeda: how do makers and owners and casual players interact with the dolls?
[16:08]  Andromeda: I'd like to point out that this is an open discussion.. not a class. I am not here to 'teach' you how to be a doll
[16:09]  Andromeda: I'm hoping to learn others viewpoints as much as you are..
[16:09]  Andromeda: so.. How does a doll behave in the "wild"?
[16:10]  Andromeda: I'm going to pick on someone..
[16:11]  Morning Star: c
[16:11]  Andromeda: Yes.. Morning Star
[16:11]  Morning Star: How do dolls interact with other people they meet? Most often when I meet with "people" that wonder what the thing is sticking out of my back. It affords a personal opportunity to talk about and describe Doll Play and what it is. I myself am still learning but the KEY is a great conversational starter.
[16:12]  Andromeda: oh yes.. I agree. the key does get people's attention.
[16:12]  Morning Star: Mhmm
[16:12]  Andromeda: How do you encourage someone to give the key a try
[16:12]  Morning Star: ask them nicely please to wind the key so I dont go lifeless while talking to them ^.^
[16:13]  Stacey Westminster: c
[16:13]  Morning Star: it is a bit scarry to the person in some ways and they are happy to wind it so that they dont end up with a lifeless person infront of them
[16:13]  AllyCatEden: q
[16:13]  Andromeda: Thank you Morning Star.. what would you like to add Stacey?
[16:14]  Stacey Westminster: i feel very shy about asking people to wind me--even family and friends.
[16:14]  Stacey Westminster: After a couple times of getting wound down, i became rather disappointed in how i was handling things.
[16:14]  Stacey Westminster: And i haven't been a Dolly much since then.
[16:15]  Jinty Darkwatch: c
[16:15]  Stacey Westminster: So there's value in having a way to feel good about yourself, in making such requests.
[16:15]  Andromeda: I see.. we're all sad to hear that.. maybe you can get some tips tonight
[16:15]  Stacey Westminster: (done)
[16:15]  Morning Star: c
[16:15]  Andromeda: Ally had a question
[16:15]  AllyCatEden: what happens exactly when the key winds down?
[16:15]  Andromeda: we collapse to the ground.. not walking or talking
[16:15]  Andromeda: until we are wound again
[16:16]  AllyCatEden: thank you
[16:16]  Chiisai Shakti: c
[16:16]  Andromeda: and Morning Star?
[16:16]  Morning Star: Having somone wind your key though is a very intimate thing in some regards especialy if it is family or maybe your owner, Like with Pony play it is alot about intimacy the bonding and if you share with your close friends and family your need it becomes more intimate and they realize your needs and will happily wind your key.
[16:17]  Morning Star: done
[16:17]  Andromeda: Thank you
[16:17]  Stacey Westminster: c
[16:17]  Jinty Darkwatch: c
[16:17]  Andromeda: Chiisai?
[16:17]  Chiisai Shakti: I have wanted to try but being lifeless scares me
[16:18]  Andromeda: Certainly understandable Chii..
[16:18]  Chiisai Shakti: the idea of being lifeless is frighting.
[16:18]  Chiisai Shakti: d
[16:18]  Andromeda: A reassurance comes from knowing the key doesn't ever block IMs. you can always call the group for a rescue wind.
[16:18]  Morning Star: ^.^
[16:18]  Chiisai Shakti: :-)
[16:18]  Andromeda: Madame Jinty?
[16:19]  Jinty Darkwatch: If you're shy and I am online come to me you can still IM I should think, I will help you
[16:19]  Jinty Darkwatch: wind you up until your get used to it
[16:19]  Jinty Darkwatch: done
[16:19]  Chiisai Shakti: thank you Jinty.
[16:19]  Chiisai Shakti: done
[16:20]  Andromeda: I have wound down a couple time out shopping and such.. a quick call to the Community Doll group and I always have half a dozen offers for help
[16:20]  Gwyddfid: c
[16:21]  Andromeda: Stacey?
[16:21]  Stacey Westminster: i just wanted to add that my family is supportive of winding me.
[16:21]  Stacey Westminster: It's me that's shy about asking.
[16:21]  Stacey Westminster: (done)
[16:22]  Andromeda: Gwyddfid had a comment?
[16:23]  Gwyddfid: Sometimes the group can help with more than just winding. There was a dolly once that accidentally set her ownership open and someone took it. When we finally stopped her from teleporting, someone from the group was able to reset the key.
[16:23]  Gwyddfid: done
[16:24]  Chiisai Shakti: c
[16:24]  Andromeda: that's what being part of the sorority is all about. dolls helping each other..
[16:24]  Andromeda: Chiisai?
[16:25]  Chiisai Shakti: that is how I got involved a doll needed help and we were able to. wouldn't stop till we did.
[16:25]  Chiisai Shakti: felt good to help.
[16:25]  Chiisai Shakti: done
[16:27]  AllyCatEden: c
[16:27]  Andromeda: Ally?
[16:27]  Andromeda: Did I miss anyone?
[16:28]  AllyCatEden: So if the key is a good conversation starter I would assume it helps the doll become social in what environ she may find herself in since her life literally depends on it. She has more opportunities socially.
[16:29]  AllyCatEden: oh, done.
[16:29]  Chiisai Shakti: means we need to be willing to put ourselves out there
[16:30]  Andromeda: I do say it certainly CAN be.. its a diffetnt look.. and once people know its ok to touch it lots of people love to be able to give you a wind
[16:30]  Stacey Westminster: q
[16:30]  Andromeda: Yes Stacey?
[16:30]  Stacey Westminster: There are some keys which are dangerous:
[16:31]  Stacey Westminster: They can be wound too much, and there may be no indication ahead of it me when winding.
[16:31]  Andromeda: UGH.. I hate the "Turn n Talk"
[16:31]  Stacey Westminster: How does that affect those doll's interaction?
[16:31]  Stacey Westminster: (done)
[16:31]  Chiisai Shakti: c
[16:32]  Andromeda: I can only speak for myself.. but the main reason I dont like keys that are scripted to "break" when overwound is that there are too many griefers out there
[16:32]  Chiisai Shakti: my understanding is it makes things spotty, they can't talk or TP things like that.
[16:32]  SomethingFilthy: q
[16:32]  Andromeda: the Turn n Talk has so many ways to "break" its never found 'whole'
[16:33]  Andromeda: YEs Chii.. it all depends on the key.. and how its scripted
[16:33]  Chiisai Shakti: it was so scarey for the girl we helped.
[16:33]  Andromeda: Christina only want the 'good' of being a doll.. that's why the COmmunity Doll is is not scripted to 'Break"
[16:34]  Andromeda: SomethingFilthy? your question?
[16:34]  SomethingFilthy: If your using a key that breaks, how do you fix it? Or get it fixed?
[16:35]  Andromeda: again that depends on the key and how its scripted..
[16:35]  Jinty Darkwatch: C
[16:35]  Andromeda: The Community Doll key is not scripted to behave broken
[16:35]  Andromeda: Yes Madame Jinty?
[16:36]  Jinty Darkwatch: is there one best key the dolls should get,
[16:36]  Jinty Darkwatch: and if so what one and where if its costs money we can raise that for the dolls here at pasha
[16:36]  Andromeda: This gets in the realm of opinions.. so I will be giving mine..
[16:37]  Andromeda: I think that the best doll key to buy is Asami's key.. AI Tech
[16:37]  Jinty Darkwatch: the survival of the doll is the key?
[16:37]  Andromeda: There are some dolls who dont have keys.. rubber dolls.. gynoids..
[16:38]  Morning Star: c
[16:38]  Jinty Darkwatch: Done
[16:38]  Andromeda: Yes Mornign Star?
[16:38]  Morning Star: I have been a rubber doll most of my Doll experience so getting a key was very new and in alot of ways very scarry
[16:38]  Morning Star: but getting a key was very enlighting
[16:38]  Andromeda: how is is differnt to be a windup than a rubber doll?
[16:39]  Jinty Darkwatch: Q
[16:39]  Morning Star: it gave me a glimps into being doll in a new way, more being adorded instead of just used and abused
[16:39]  Andromeda: more importantly to the discussion.. how do the two doll differ in how they interact with others
[16:39]  Morning Star: being a rubber doll I was just used in however somone wanted I realy didnt get adored or pamperd
[16:40]  Morning Star: having a key ment I was somonthing more I was somthing that needed to be taken better care of
[16:40]  Andromeda smiles
[16:40]  Morning Star: being a rubber doll when somone was done playing with me I could get thrown in the corner so to speak and forgotten about for a while
[16:40]  Andromeda: Dolls do have a tendency to want to be treasured and cared for..
[16:40]  Morning Star: it was very depressing at times
[16:41]  Morning Star: done unless somone wants to know more
[16:41]  Jinty Darkwatch: Q
[16:41]  Andromeda: Mr Pen.. may I ask you a question?
[16:41]  Andromeda: yes Miss Jinty?
[16:41]  Pen Ðragon: yes
[16:41]  Jinty Darkwatch: can a rubber doll not be a wind up doll??
[16:42]  Jinty Darkwatch: and I so sorry Star that you have missed out on things
[16:42]  Morning Star: thanks
[16:42]  Andromeda: sure she can.. we place no limits on HOW to be a doll.. there is no "ONE TWUE WAY" to be a doll
[16:42]  Andromeda: just like any other kink
[16:43]  Jinty Darkwatch smiles
[16:43]  Morning Star: but I've been trying to incorperate my key into being a rubber doll and move into more of a Hmmm living doll not an object " ? "
[16:43]  Jinty Darkwatch: good as that is what I want for karin
[16:43]  Andromeda: Mr Pen.. are you a doll lover? does your girl identify as a doll of some kind?
[16:43]  Jinty Darkwatch: Done
[16:44]  Pen Ðragon: No, we are here to learn about dolls...we've never had much interaction and we were curious and wanted to learn
[16:44]  Morning Star: :) that is good to hear
[16:44]  Andromeda: ahh. welcome then.
[16:45]  Pen Ðragon: thank you
[16:45]  Andromeda: I wont put you too much on the spot then.. just one quick question.. what is it about dolls that you might find appealing?
[16:46]  Jinty Darkwatch: and welcome to Pasha
[16:46]  Pen Ðragon: I would have to say that it would be the generally submissive nature and their need to be pampered
[16:47]  Andromeda smiles.. "you may have a line of dolls asking you to play with them after we break.."
[16:47]  Andromeda giggles
[16:47]  Andromeda: may I ask your girl? what intrigues her about maybe being a doll?
[16:47]  Pen Ðragon: *blush* Too kind
[16:48]  Jinty Darkwatch: oh cute
[16:48]  Pen Ðragon: yes, you may ask, and she may answer
[16:48]  Jinty Darkwatch: he blushes
[16:48]  Jinty Darkwatch: make a nice Ken
[16:49]  jadey Ðragon: there was a strange fascination in the beauty of it, and since I know so little i wanted to educate myself from people who live it the best way they can
[16:49]  Andromeda: It seems like a good tiem to provide a couple of web links now. we have a website. and a blog
[16:50]  jadey Ðragon: that would be nice thank you kindly
[16:50]  Pen Ðragon: *smiles* well put babygirl
[16:50]  jadey Ðragon: ty Sir
[16:51]  Andromeda: There is some of the "Community Doll" philosophy to be read there..
[16:52]  Andromeda: So.. how does a doll act to help encourage others to play with her/him?
[16:53]  Andromeda: and what would a maker like to see in a doll's behavior?
[16:53]  Morning Star: q
[16:54]  Morning Star: maybe more comment
[16:54]  Andromeda: yes MorningStar?
[16:54]  Morning Star: that is somthing that I've had a diffacult time with, being a rubber doll most of my experience it is or has been just being grabed and used.
[16:55]  Andromeda: Christina, who founded Community Dolls, says that a doll is cheerful and helpful..this is how we thank the community for giving us life
[16:56]  CaptivePenny Rose smiling
[16:57]  Jinty Darkwatch grins
[16:58]  Morning Star: but their has to be more than just being kind and nice to get somone to "play" with you
[16:59]  Andromeda: THat's true Morning Star..
[16:59]  AllyCatEden: c
[16:59]  Andromeda: I think that being pleasant, helpful and also intriguing is a way to encourage play
[17:00]  Andromeda: have a look that fits in with the area
[17:00]  Andromeda: being a pink frilly thing in a goth sim isn't going to get you much play
[17:00]  Morning Star giggles
[17:00]  Morning Star: Hmmm Sin Labs
[17:01]  Andromeda: Yes Ally?
[17:01]  AllyCatEden: I have found being a porcelain doll that I try to be a muse, a doll of admiration and wit. A good companion. But most makers want a sexual aspect (which I'm not willing to give) which discourages me from finding a maker.
[17:02]  Morning Star: c
[17:02]  Andromeda: Yes Ally.. sex does tend to be the expectaion.. but stick to your limits..
[17:02]  Andromeda: no one can tell you how to be your doll
[17:02]  Andromeda: Yes Morning Start?
[17:02]  CaptivePenny Rose: :)
[17:02]  Morning Star: the sexual part is what most rubber dolls end up being, just a sex object
[17:03]  Morning Star: it is unfortunate but IM finding being a real doll
[17:03]  Morning Star: I can be more my self
[17:03]  Morning Star: and If maybe I hint to the person playing with me what to maybe dress me in it helps when we go places
[17:04]  Andromeda: I've said that putting this key on didnt turn me into a doll.. it let the doll that was inside out
[17:04]  Morning Star: to interact and be a part of the community
[17:04]  Morning Star: well it has taken a while to learn that
[17:05]  Andromeda: so Ally.. if you dont find what you want where you are.. go elsewhere.. dont change waht you want or what you are
[17:06]  AllyCatEden: Yes, I'll stick to my guns ^_^ thanks for the encouragement!
[17:06]  Andromeda smiles
[17:06]  Jinty Darkwatch: and if your not sure talk about it
[17:06]  Andromeda: I think its time to bring this discussion to a close. Thank you, all, for coming.

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