Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another "New" Doll House

It's been a few weeks since the last post so I thought I'd show everyone the latest and greatest at Community Dolls.

Community Dolls has moved (slightly) again and this one should be for good. The owners of Pasha have acquired a new Estate sim to be a new, better home for Pasha BDSM and Community Dolls.

With the full Estate we have more prims available and used them to good effect. We are in the NW corner of Spring Mountains. The first image is a bit of an overview. The Dolls House moved in one package and is set inside almost exactly as it was in the Homestead. We set the pavilion from the Doll Festival nearby so it is available for events if desired. You will notice a koi pond to the left of the bridge, that is the next subject.
Community Dolls wanted a beautiful, peaceful retreat in the Japanese style. The idea we chose was of a water garden. Carp swim in the pond. Dragonflies buzz the lilies. And a hidden frog croaks on. The stone wall has places to sit and enjoy the tranquility.
The far NW corner, hidden by the tree in the overview, is Mermaid Beach. Mermaid beach has spectacular sunset views, some sittable logs, and a campfire to soak it all in.
Why did we call it Mermaid Beach? Perhaps its the rock just off the beach that mermaids are rumored to lounge on (Strategically placed to allow the mermaid to converse with those on the beach). Or maybe its the hidden undersea cave that a mermaid can call home.
So, that's the look at the Community Dolls home. The owners of Pasha BDSM and the Community Dolls invite you to come have a see for yourself. We'd love to show you in person.


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