Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Doll Play, the "Top of the Slash"

 ON Friday May 9 we hosted our 4th discussion on Doll Play. This topic focused on the tops that play with us dolls.. the makers, owners and winders..
We had about 10 participants all  together. maybe 3 or 4 could identify as tops.. Pictures and transcripts, as usual, below.
..Ohh. And Christina Halpin finally made it to a discussion.. YAY!
 So, Dolls. What do we talk around next time?

[16:09]  Andromeda: This is the 4th group discussion on doll play we have hosted, and the first at this specific location
[16:09]  Andromeda: previous topics where "Doll Play. What is it why do we do it?"
[16:09]  Andromeda: "What kind of Doll are you?"
[16:10]  Andromeda: and most recently "Dolly Survival Guide"
[16:10]  Andromeda: This time I'd like to hear from our makers, owners, winders and others who play with us
[16:11]  Andromeda: and failing comment from any D types. maybe we can hear what dolls like in their tops
[16:11]  Andromeda: Sounds Good?
[16:12]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter nods
[16:12]  Christina Halpin: yes
[16:12]  Andromeda: I switch. so I can give viewpoints from both sides of the key
[16:14]  Andromeda: Who'd like to be the first Top/D-type to give her thoughts?
[16:15]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: c
[16:16]  Andromeda: Well I can say that the dolls I like playing with at the ones most like me.. they have a variety of looks.. but mostly are cheerful, helpful and love to be on display
[16:16]  Andromeda: Yes Carla?
[16:17]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: I'm still feeling pretty new to the theme, so I have may be thought but not much insight yet.
[16:18]  Christina Halpin: c
[16:18]  Andromeda: that's OK Miss.. just think about this.. what do you like in a doll?
[16:18]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: My sweet Anna came in my life and has brought sweetness and love to our family in ways which were ... different to that what I was used to from a rather BDSM oriented family. Need I say that she's managed to convert another one to a doll? *giggles
[16:18]  Andromeda: and while Miss Carla thinks about that.. Christina?
[16:19]  Christina Halpin: I knew one man who just really liked hoop dresses.
[16:19]  Andromeda: Stacey and I are in the same BDSM family.. I kinda gave her the doll key bug
[16:19]  Christina Halpin: I don't know if he would own a doll, but he liked to dress them
[16:19]  Stacey Westminster scratches her doll key itch.
[16:20]  Andromeda: That's a bit of objectification for you.. people into mannequins.
[16:20]  dollie anna: Andromeda when you say you switch is it just with other dollies?
[16:21]  Andromeda: I love it when people go through my outfit menus..
[16:21]  Andromeda: I was a switch before I was a doll. I have three girls I own.. only one is a doll
[16:22]  dollie anna: and how do they feel about being owned by a dollie?
[16:22]  Andromeda: it was a bit of a struggle with one.. she had a hard time accepting it.. seeeing it as a submissive role.. but now she is proud to have a "Windup Mistress"
[16:23]  Andromeda: She sees it as a service to me to keep me wound up
[16:23]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter nods
[16:23]  Stacey Westminster mutters something about "keeping Andi wound up ... full-time job"
[16:23]  Akina Hinun giggles
[16:23]  Akina Hinun: cute
[16:24]  Andromeda: Christina had a point though.. there are some tops who are only interested in one aspect of doll play
[16:24]  Andromeda: Like Mr Hoop Dress
[16:25]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: c
[16:25]  Andromeda: And of course you see a lot of tops who are interested in the sex dolls
[16:25]  Andromeda: Yes please, Carla
[16:26]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: For me being Mistress is not too different from being in a submissive role in my opinion... We serve needs and we care. May be that's me, I served my Mistress to her death and only then had to grow into D responsibilities
[16:27]  Andromeda: There is actually a term for that.. "Service Top"
[16:29]  Christina Halpin: Andromeda, you are the first one I have heard that likes dolls for their personality
[16:29]  Christina Halpin: Or at least who said that
[16:29]  Christina Halpin: I think most people don't know about doll personality
[16:31]  Andromeda: When girls show up here and want to become dolls. its nice to see how they respond BEYOND the nuts and bolts of how the key works..
[16:31]  Christina Halpin: what do you mean?
[16:31]  Andromeda: Do they hold the spirit of a doll.. its the doll's motivation that energizes me
[16:32]  Christina Halpin: what is the spirit of a doll?
[16:32]  Akina Hinun: well yes most dolls are different people made into dolls, so it follows that all us dolls are different.
[16:33]  Andromeda: every doll is different true. but some.. its like they're just interested in the key.. and not the interaction it provides
[16:33]  Akina Hinun: so like the helplessness that comes from winding down?
[16:34]  Andromeda: its the dolls that respond to my play that I like.. the ones who emote how they're feeling
[16:34]  dollie anna: mm...well before I became a dollie I did switch .....but since then I find myself much more submissive....mainly due too the key
[16:35]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter smiles to Anna and whispers "Make me feel safe, yes" and winks
[16:35]  Viola Chen: There's something to be said for the key creating an imbalance of power that is then NOT abused, consensually or otherwise.
[16:35]  Christina Halpin: I love that idea
[16:35]  Akina Hinun: mmm so true
[16:35]  Stacey Westminster: whispers: c
[16:36]  Andromeda: That power exchange is at the heart of most bdsm relationships..
[16:36]  Andromeda: yes Stacey?
[16:36]  Stacey Westminster: whispers: What i like in a top/winder is someone who takes an active role in exploring what types of doll i can be and putting me through some paces. Not that that's happened much; but i find that very attractive.
[16:38]  Christina Halpin: c
[16:38]  Andromeda: so Stacey. you like the Top to challenge you.
[16:38]  Stacey Westminster: whispers: That would be interesting, though not something i've experienced. What i was thinking of was someone who decides on type of doll and choose a corresponding outfit.
[16:39]  Andromeda: I see
[16:39]  Akina Hinun nods
[16:39]  Christina Halpin: I think I am like Stacey
[16:39]  Andromeda: its the someone making the decisions for you then..
[16:40]  Andromeda: Christina.. you had a comment?
[16:40]  Christina Halpin: Yes, but I think Stacey said it first
[16:40]  Andromeda nods
[16:40]  Christina Halpin: I think I would most like an owner who used my key
[16:41]  Christina Halpin: I don't know about the obedience and other things
[16:41]  Andromeda: Mm hmm.. its a bit dissatisfying when the only interaction people have with your key is to wind it
[16:41]  Akina Hinun: well i think that is something a top instills in you is obedience. You bring some of it with you but some has to be tough.
[16:42]  Christina Halpin: But dolls tend to be nice and helpful, why do you also need obedience?
[16:43]  Akina Hinun: to know what is the best way Your top want you to be helpful
[16:44]  Christina Halpin: Sorry, Andi, I think I started thinking about what I wanted, not what an owner wants
[16:44]  Andromeda: that's ok Christina..
[16:44]  Andromeda: I'll take any comments concerning doll play
[16:45]  Christina Halpin: Well, most definitely, if you like men, it pays to have sexy outfits
[16:45]  Jennifer Windrum: to be loved and cuddled, even displayed
[16:46]  Andromeda: how many tops out there do you figure like to dress and pose us dolls. are they common? rare?
[16:46]  Jennifer Windrum: giggles :: men only like rubber dollies
[16:46]  Akina Hinun: mmm thats always good to have love and cuddles.
[16:47]  Andromeda: I would agree to a point Jennifer.. most men want the sexiness.. latex.. orifices...
[16:47]  Andromeda: But not all..
[16:47]  dollie anna: agrees love and cuddles very important for dollies ....also being displayed
[16:47]  Jennifer Windrum: yes, not all
[16:48]  Andromeda: There was a comment by a D type at the second group discussion..
[16:48]  Andromeda: Renard Koskinen: I think doll play is the type of D/s play most focused on the sub being a "treasured object."
[16:49]  Akina Hinun nods
[16:49]  Christina Halpin: interesting
[16:50]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: I'd agree
[16:50]  Jennifer Windrum: if one is lucky......on the other hand even loved toys are easily discarded
[16:50]  Andromeda: The doll gets to be treated as a 'princess' but also kept firmly under control
[16:50]  Jennifer Windrum: nods
[16:50]  Andromeda: Carla.. do you see your dolly as a treasured object?
[16:50]  Akina Hinun: i dont like it when i see any sub get discarded mew
[16:51]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: I would have to think about the 'object' qualification, it's not my way. But the 'treasured', definitely yes
[16:52]  Christina Halpin: So, what I am hearing and thinking for myself, is that when we are owned, we want to be treated like dolls
[16:52]  Christina Halpin: But the owner might be thinking he/she is the dominant
[16:52]  dollie anna: mm....that is the importance of the key .....the owner has so much power ......the key for me is my heart .....my owners have the power too break my heart .....
[16:52]  Christina Halpin: and it's hard to get owners
[16:52]  Akina Hinun: not just dolls but on ocation moble dolls
[16:53]  Akina Hinun: it is hard for every 10 or so subs there is one Dom/me
[16:53]  Jennifer Windrum: yes a static doll is not much use really
[16:54]  Andromeda: Akina.. that is a problem universal to SL.. in all kink communities.. Lots of subs.. few tops
[16:54]  Jennifer Windrum agrees
[16:54]  Andromeda: in some ways, it's similar in RL too
[16:54]  Akina Hinun: i was trying to say just that -giggles and mews-
[16:54]  Akina Hinun nods
[16:55]  Andromeda: although thee ratio is far more skewed in SL
[16:56]  Andromeda: It occurs to me that what I mentioned earlier "Service Tops" is the ones who might be more inclined to like doll play.
[16:56]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: c
[16:56]  Andromeda: because its a way to express caring
[16:57]  Andromeda: I consider myself to be a service top
[16:57]  Andromeda: Yes Carla?
[16:58]  Jennifer Windrum: what's a service top?
[16:58]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: It's a nice way to express care indeed. But having a rather diverse family these days I'd as well compare it to pet play.
[16:58]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: A pet needs care too, it's just a different character and personality behind
[16:58]  Christina Halpin: how does it compare?
[16:58]  Jennifer Windrum: oh a doll is similar to a pet
[16:58]  Andromeda: Think about it like this Jennifer.. a masseuse
[16:59]  Jennifer Windrum: domme as a service?
[16:59]  Jennifer Windrum: like that?
[16:59]  Andromeda: the Masseuse is providing a service.. but she/he is in control
[16:59]  Jennifer Windrum: nods
[16:59]  Christina Halpin: and pet play also structures the D/s interaction
[17:00]  Andromeda: when I play with dolls. when I help a girl become a doll. I am offering a service
[17:00]  Andromeda: when I play with you..
[17:00]  Andromeda poses Jennifer
[17:00]  Jennifer Windrum smiles up at her
[17:00]  Andromeda: I am in control.. I decide how you look
[17:01]  Andromeda: but I am also servicing your need to be played with
[17:01]  Andromeda smiles.. "I love the Preen pose"
[17:01]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter: You can be a Domme catering your own needs and shaping all subs to your desires. Or you consider their needs as well as yours and allow for flexibility. The Service Domme will try to adapt to her subs needs ... within her own limits and abilities.
[17:01]  Andromeda: EXACTLY Carla
[17:03]  Andromeda: That was a nice wrap-up Carla
[17:03]  Jennifer Windrum: but being posed is like any sub being put into a pose....maybe cuter
[17:03]  Carla Hirvi-Wetter smiles
[17:03]  Andromeda: Time is about up. any last words?
[17:04]  Christina Halpin: This was interesting and made me think
[17:04]  Christina Halpin: You should get me to come more often
[17:04]  Christina Halpin: laughing
[17:04]  Jennifer Windrum: giggles

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