Friday, January 31, 2014

Community Dolls hosted its very first group discussion on Doll play Friday evening. Turnout was AWESOME, we had approximately 15 guests. It was a lively discussion, everyone participated, and some very good thoughts were presented.Thank you EVERYONE who participated.

Transcripts are below. Some editing was done to correct typos (mine, sad to admit), remove spam and just in general improve readability.

[16:04]  Andromeda : Thanks for coming everyone
[16:05]  Andromeda : Hello Sis
[16:05]  Community Doll Key:  -- Andromeda Lamplight has given Stacey Westminster 30 minutes of life.
[16:05]  humble slave s [stacey]: Hi, sis!
[16:05]  Community Doll Key:  -- Andromeda Lamplight has given Stacey Westminster 30 minutes of life.
[16:05]  humble slave s [stacey]: Thank you!
[16:05]  Community Doll Key: Andromeda's time has reached her limit
[16:05]  Community Doll Key:  -- Stacey Westminster has given Andromeda 30 minutes of life.
[16:06]  humble slave s [stacey] bows respectfully to all present.
[16:06]  Andromeda : we still have places to sit on the middle of the couch. and also next to Mar on the love seat
[16:06]  Community Doll Key: Stacey Westminster's time has reached her limit
[16:06]  Community Doll Key:  -- MayStone Resident has given Stacey Westminster 30 minutes of life.
[16:06]  Community Doll Key: Stacey Westminster's time has reached her limit
[16:06]  Community Doll Key:  -- MayStone Resident has given Stacey Westminster 30 minutes of life.
[16:06]  humble slave s [stacey]: Thank you, May.
[16:06]  humble slave s [stacey]: er, Mei.
[16:06]  Mei めい : you're very welcome Stacey
[16:07]  jamie-nushi : at least we won't run out of wind here ;)
[16:07]  Andromeda : THis is an awesome turnout.. Thank you ALL for coming
[16:07]  Andromeda : Hello Madame Jinty
[16:07]  Community Doll Key: jamie-nushi's time has reached her limit
[16:07]  Community Doll Key:  -- MayStone Resident has given jamie-nushi 30 minutes of life.
[16:07]  humble slave s [stacey]: And if dolls are bought and sold, then it's the wind behind our sales?
[16:07]  Jinty Darkwatch: good evening to you love
[16:07]  Morganna Ravenheart giggles
[16:07]  Andromeda : Everyone Jinty is one of our hostesses for this evening
[16:08]  Jinty Darkwatch: and welcome to A/all to Pasha and to Dolls
[16:08]  NekoRumi : Hello Jinty
[16:08]  Morganna Ravenheart: nice pun,Stacy:p
[16:08]  Andromeda : I might hint she set up a tip jar..
[16:08]  NekoRumi : Thank you
[16:08]  Andromeda  winks
[16:08]  Marcus Roderic : hello
[16:08]  {KK} Silver Heart key: Mar gives irrie's key a turn winding the key to its maximum
[16:08]  Community Doll Key: Andromeda's time has reached her limit
[16:08]  Community Doll Key:  -- Jinty Darkwatch has given Andromeda 30 minutes of life.
[16:08]  Andromeda : Thank you Madame
[16:08]  Community Doll Key: Andromeda's time has reached her limit
[16:08]  Community Doll Key:  -- ErimaMendes Resident has given Andromeda 30 minutes of life.
[16:09]  humble slave s [stacey]: (i've heard there's a Japanese Doll set of prompts and so on; but i don't know where it's found.)
[16:09]  Andromeda : again.. welcome everyone.. lets get started..
[16:09]  Andromeda : first I have a couple questions to ask.. does anyone object to me taking a picture of the event?
[16:09]  Jinty Darkwatch: I will change the music
[16:10]  Erima : No objections from me..
[16:10]  NekoRumi : Not at all
[16:10]  ACS's JulieDoll: I do not object.
[16:10]  humble slave s [stacey]: Fine by me.
[16:10]  jamie-nushi : not me
[16:10]  Morganna Ravenheart: none from me
[16:10]  Marcus Roderic : sure not
[16:10]  Mei めい : no problem
[16:10]  Andromeda : Thankyou.. my second question is this.. does anyone object to my using the chat log of our discussion?
[16:10]  Andromeda : I intend to post it on our blog
[16:10]  humble slave s [stacey]: No objection.
[16:11]  NekoRumi : Not at all
[16:11]  Marcus Roderic : again no problem
[16:11]  Mei めい : no problem
[16:11]  Morganna Ravenheart: no objection here
[16:11]  jamie-nushi : no problem for me
[16:11]  Erima : No objection from me
[16:11]  Andromeda whispers: OMG!!!!!
[16:11]  Erima : Sorry dear
[16:12]  Andromeda : I was just given this link!
[16:12]  Andromeda :
[16:12]  Mar : We do not object, actually we would like to see if if a link is possible
[16:12]  Morganna Ravenheart: cool
[16:12]  Morganna Ravenheart: already the word spreads:)
[16:13]  Andromeda : ok so.. since this is the first discussion we don't really have rules in place
[16:14]  Andromeda : I am going to suggest you "raise your hand" and let me call you before you post a comment on a new thought
[16:14]  Mei めい : May I offer a suggestion Andi?
[16:14]  Andromeda : in previous discussions Ive been in a @ was "raising the hand" understand?
[16:15]  Andromeda : sure Mei
[16:15]  Andromeda : hello annie come join
[16:15]  Andromeda : we have an empty seat on the sofa and the loveseat
[16:15]  Morganna Ravenheart: thats a fine shortcut,yeah
[16:15]  Mei めい : Some discussions I've been part of use q = question, c = comment, and "more" + done for long answers...
[16:15]  Mei めい : done
[16:15]  Andromeda : does everyone like Mei's idea?
[16:16]  Andromeda : ok picture time.. say cheese
[16:16]  Mei めい : CHEEEEEEEEESE!!
[16:16]  jamie-nushi : cheddar
[16:16]  Morganna Ravenheart: Limburger!
[16:17]  ACS's JulieDoll: As long as nobody gets upset if somebody who doesn't know or forgot the convention :raises their hand, it seems fine.
[16:17]  NekoRumi : Hey Annie,you look a bit different than I last saw you
[16:17]  Andromeda : for thos who arrived later.. I intend to post the transcirpts on the doll blog, any objections?
[16:17]  NekoRumi : none at all
[16:17]  Andromeda : so todays topic is Doll Play.. what is it? why do we do it?
[16:17]  Morganna Ravenheart: sounds good:)
[16:18]  Andromeda : the first thing I want to say is that there is no ONE way to be a doll. or to play with them
[16:18]  humble slave s [stacey]: @
[16:18]  Andromeda : there are about as many TYPES of dolls as there are dolls..
[16:18]  Andromeda : Stacey?
[16:19]  humble slave s [stacey]: i preface this by saying, i'm not much of a Doll--just off-and-on. (more)
[16:19]  Andromeda  nods
[16:19]  humble slave s [stacey]: For me, it's about objectification, and also about wanting so to be admired, that someone chooses how i look, how i appear. (done)
[16:20]  Andromeda : Yes.. I agree.. its has a similar appeal for me.
[16:20]  Andromeda : Controlled and objectified
[16:21]  Andromeda : come on in Jayne
[16:21]  Morganna Ravenheart: @
[16:21]  Andromeda : there's a seat for you on the sofa
[16:21]  Andromeda : Morganna
[16:21]  Morganna Ravenheart: I just wanted to say,a key is a wonderful mechanical mistress:)
[16:21]  NekoRumi : I stopped wearing my key for RP reasons,my RP evolved to no longer require the key,then eventually,I stopped being a doll and became a neko,but I still have great interest in dolls
[16:21]  Mei めい : @
[16:22]  Andromeda : so for Morganna.. it sounds like the KEY is the owner.
[16:22]  Morganna Ravenheart: well,for some kinds of doll-ness,sure
[16:22]  Andromeda : Mei
[16:23]  Andromeda : Thank you btw for your thought Rumi
[16:23]  NekoRumi : You are welcome
[16:23]  jamie-nushi : i love wearing a key and being a doll, mistress doesn't get it though. i definitely want to explore what it's like being a full time doll
[16:24]  jamie-nushi : *doll
[16:24]  Mei めい : For me, its harder to define... it's more of a lifestyle than anything. I do wear my key fulltime, and in all aspects of my SL life.... including Dominant, submissive, Hostess, and so on... it becomes a conversation starter and a way to make friends. It also leads to a situation where you find people winding you up - and you become grateful and aware of how many really care.
[16:24]  Mei めい : done
[16:24]  Andromeda : thank you Jamie.. what is it about the key that you love? why do you indentify as a doll?
[16:24]  Morganna Ravenheart: Hi Jayne
[16:24]  Morganna Ravenheart: have a seat
[16:24]  Andromeda : a very good thought Mei
[16:25]  Jaynedel: hi :)
[16:25]  Marcus Roderic : @
[16:25]  jamie-nushi : to me it's a lot about being a submissive... being a doll is one way to submit
[16:25]  Andromeda : be with you in a moment Marcus
[16:25]  Andromeda : so you like the Control aspect of being a doll Jamie?
[16:25]  jamie-nushi : yes, andi
[16:25]  Andromeda : empty seat on the middle od the sofa Jayne
[16:26]  Andromeda : thank you
[16:26]  Andromeda : Marcus? your floor
[16:26]  ACS's JulieDoll: @
[16:26]  Marcus Roderic : could you explain me more about the key and its purpose i see an exchange of minutes of time
[16:26]  Marcus Roderic : what it means ? if the time arrives to zero you stop ?
[16:27]  NekoRumi : You slump over until you are wound
[16:27]  Mei めい : c
[16:27]  NekoRumi : unable to do anything
[16:27]  Andromeda : the mechanicals is a bit long to go through in this discussion.. but we'd be happy to discuss details afterwards.. ok?
[16:27]  Morganna Ravenheart: some are more restrictive than others of course,but thats the general idea
[16:27]  Andromeda : but yes.. wind the key or the doll runs down
[16:27]  Andromeda : Julie?
[16:28]  Andromeda : and Morganna has a good point. there at several different designs for keys.. and each has a different take on what a doll is
[16:28]  jamie-nushi : does anyone else miss feeling helpless when the key runs down? in my experience I'm always being wound and very rarely run out of time
[16:29]  ACS's JulieDoll: I was going to agree with those who like the submissiveness aspect of dollhood, but for me it takes it one step beyond that. For a human submissive, submitting is a choice. For a doll - at least, some of them, and how I tend to think of them - it is not a choice, but part of her nature. (more)
[16:29]  Andromeda : we'll be with you in a moment Jamie
[16:29]  humble slave s [stacey]: @
[16:29]  ACS's JulieDoll: (no, actually not more)
[16:29]  Mei めい : c
[16:29]  Andromeda : so Julie has another good point.. being a doll is not an act of submission but an act of being
[16:30]  Andromeda : Stacey
[16:30]  NekoRumi : c
[16:31]  humble slave s [stacey]: For me, the being wound is a constant reminder of dependency. Yes, becoming wound down is the ultimate expression of that. But just the constant winding is its own reminder, very potent. (done)
[16:31]  Andromeda : and then after Stacey its Mei
[16:32]  Mei めい : For me it is more than submissiveness or control.... it's a symbol of who we are... A query to the group: if a Key is an expression of submissiveness - what does it mean to have a Dominant Dolly? (lastly, I need to go soon - if someone wants a seat.... *motions to couch*)
[16:32]  Mei めい : done
[16:32]  Andromeda : THank you Mei. and take care.. kisses
[16:32]  Morganna Ravenheart: bye,Mei
[16:33]  Mei めい : thanks :) might be here for a few mins more
[16:33]  Andromeda : Rumi?
[16:34]  Andromeda : to give my answer to Jamie.. I agree with Stacey winding down is a bit of a failure to me.. a wound down dolly is a sad dolly
[16:34]  Andromeda : if I want the doll experince of not being able to move its better to be posed or boxed
[16:35]  NekoRumi : I would like to say that if I were not bound by my current RP or bound to the owner of my collar,I would consider being a doll again
[16:35]  jamie-nushi : yes, i feel sad wound down, but i enjoy feeling helpless
[16:35]  Morganna Ravenheart: @
[16:35]  Andromeda : do you feel helpless in a pretty pose or in a display case?
[16:36]  Andromeda : I'll be with you in a moment Morganna
[16:36]  Andromeda : Jamie.. the question is to you please
[16:38]  jamie-nushi : i love a display case... although i like it to be where people can see me. i love being slumped over without IMs or anything too, waiting and hoping for someone to wind me
[16:38]  Mei めい : @
[16:38]  Andromeda : ahh.. thank you Jamie
[16:39]  Morganna Ravenheart: I just wanted to say with a key or a control like Julie has,I suppose there is an excitement in not quite knowing what happens next,or what situation you may wind up in
[16:40]  jamie-nushi : yes, agree with morganna
[16:40]  Andromeda : The key.. or chip.. or implant.. or could be anyting else.. means that you are not in control of yoru body.. someone or somethign is.
[16:40]  ACS's JulieDoll: /me nods.
[16:40]  Andromeda : We discused Objectification.. we discussed Control..
[16:41]  Mei めい : @
[16:41]  Andromeda : let's think what else.. Mei
[16:41]  Mei めい : I don't feel disabled or helpless - I feel on display, presented, shown off, for all the world to see... Wound down I feel more - embarassed, awkward, self-concious.... I love being on display - but wound down? not so much....
[16:41]  Andromeda : I agree with Mei.
[16:41]  Mei めい : Have to go... thank you Andi.... *waves to all*
[16:41]  Mei めい : done
[16:41]  Morganna Ravenheart: bye,Mei
[16:41]  Andromeda : and this is where we see that each person has a differnt kind of doll in him/her
[16:42]  Andromeda : bye bye Mei.. kisses again
[16:42]  Anna Dollie : bye Mei
[16:42]  Andromeda : and there is no "right way" to be a doll
[16:42]  Morganna Ravenheart: c
[16:42]  Andromeda : morganna
[16:43]  NekoRumi : I'm still a doll at heart,if not in body,it was a good experience
[16:43]  Marcus Roderic : i must go, thanks to let me know some more about the "doll" world
[16:43]  Morganna Ravenheart: for some there is alot of ritual in dressing,or being dressed. I think that is challenging and exciting if you try to go with the flow of it
[16:43]  Andromeda : after Morganna.. and before any new thougths.. I have something to ask
[16:43]  jamie-nushi : after being wound down a while you feel very grateful to who gives you life
[16:43]  Andromeda : bye bey Marcus
[16:43]  Morganna Ravenheart: bye ,Marcus
[16:43]  Andromeda : join the group please and we'll be in contact
[16:44]  Andromeda : I love the act of being admired..
[16:45]  Morganna Ravenheart: c
[16:45]  Andromeda : and maybe that is a part of the objectification for some.. but for me it's more
[16:45]  Andromeda : just a second Morganna.. I have a question for Mar if I may
[16:46]  Andromeda : Mar.. you are apparently a doll owner.. May we get the perspective of the "other side of the slash"? (**note, Mar turned out to be AFK at this time and missed the question. Let's hope to hear his insight next time**)
[16:48]  Andromeda : ok Morganna.. your turn
[16:49]  Morganna Ravenheart: I agree with the admiration part,there is some exhibitionism in it too
[16:49]  humble slave s [stacey]: Please excuse me, i must be going.
[16:49]  Andromeda : OOO.. a GREAT way to put it. Exhibitionism
[16:49]  Andromeda : take care Stacey
[16:49]  Morganna Ravenheart: bye,Stacey
[16:51]  Andromeda : Lets hear please from someone who hasnt spoken up yet.. why do you do Doll Play?
[16:51]  Andromeda : Rachel? Anna? Irrie?
[16:52]  Andromeda : ..I can start telling bad puns if no one speaks up..
[16:52]  Morganna Ravenheart grins
[16:53]  RachelJArmstrong: I just came here cause I don't know much about it really
[16:53]  NekoRumi  purrs as she listens
[16:53]  Andromeda : thank you for sharing Rachel.. have you been learning anything?
[16:53]  Jinty Darkwatch: this is ...............Shay
[16:54]  RachelJArmstrong: yes :)
[16:54]  NekoRumi : Hello
[16:54]  ShayYrubredla waves in the general direction of everyone
[16:54]  Andromeda : welcome Shay.. come have a seat
[16:54]  Jinty Darkwatch: she is new to us but not to s/l
[16:54]  Morganna Ravenheart smiles
[16:54]  Anna Dollie : well it is all very new too me.....only just met a dollie a few weeks ago and was very interested in the well whole aspect of it ......I had my key put in today heart stopped ....the key now is my heart ...
[16:54]  Jinty Darkwatch: Mistress Andromeda is a Pasha Mistress
[16:54]  Jinty Darkwatch: she will look after you
[16:55]  Andromeda  smiles to Anna.. "welcome, dolly"
[16:55]  ShayYrubredla: ah, Hello Mistress Andromeda *bobs her head in a hello*
[16:55]  Andromeda : I was asked once by a domme who's girl wanted to be a doll "Why?"
[16:55]  Andromeda : What is the appeal?
[16:56]  Andromeda : I said it this way.. I compared it to a chair
[16:56]  Andromeda : what is a chair meant for?
[16:56]  Andromeda : ist meant to be sat in
[16:56]  Andromeda : so if a chair were able to think. what would make it happy?
[16:57]  Anna Dollie : sitting on ...dollies are meant too be played with.... loved..... looked after ...treasured ....displayed for everyone too admire
[16:57]  Andromeda : its my position that a sat-on chair is a happy chair.. it's fulfiling it purpose
[16:57]  Andromeda : Yes Anna
[16:58]  Jinty Darkwatch: you missed out used
[16:58]  Andromeda : a doll's purpose is to be played with.. to be admired..
[16:58]  Anna Dollie : well played with .....kinda is the samething
[16:58]  Andromeda : and yes Madame Jinty. a chair is being used as its being sat on
[16:59]  Andromeda : a human has very complicated needs
[16:59]  Andromeda : a human needs food shelter..
[16:59]  Andromeda : it needs companionship
[16:59]  Andromeda : jobs, bills, commute.. grocery shopping
[16:59]  irrie : in the context of my D/g & D/s relationship, i love my Daddy picking out or approving my outfits & having control of my run time..its a very emotional connection with him.. and even outside a relationship love to dress up and make outfits in the way i used to love to with dolls as a child. im also usually very quiet, and feel this relates to my identifying with being a doll. just something i naturally identify with overall. a lot can be said about it.
[17:00]  Andromeda : Humans are complicated
[17:00]  Andromeda : Thank you for sharing Irrie. those are some nice insights
[17:01]  irrie: :)
[17:01]  Andromeda : so.. Humans = complicated.. Dolls = simple
[17:01]  Andromeda : a doll has SIMPLE needs
[17:01]  Andromeda : play with it
[17:01]  Andromeda : admire it..
[17:01]  Andromeda : love it
[17:01]  Andromeda : play with a doll and it's content.
[17:02]  NekoRumi : A neko is similar,I like to be loved and petted and snuggled
[17:02]  Andromeda : thank you for coming.. we can continue if anyone wishes. but our hour is up

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  1. I was not able to attend RL interrupted but I would like to add that the objectification and losing control is a factor as to why it is a draw for me. your control is turned over to your doll owner or user. I don't yet have one set Doll Form I have many.